Photo Test

I’m playing with the new layout and want to see how images appear on posts and in the home page grid loop. So here’s a shot my little dude giving me a wink while we were out on a family hike in the Sculpture Forest here in Haliburton over the past weekend.

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Thanksgiving Update

You know, for someone who supposed to be able to consult clients on the finer arts of blogging, I’ve been woefully inadequate in my own practise as of late. That will be changing shortly.

I wanted to take an opportunity though to give a shout out in regards to a couple of my most recent client website launches. I have had the great pleasure over the last couple of months to have done the redesign of both my local Chamber of Commerce website as well as a redesign for a local clean energy company aptly named the Clean Development Group.

I just finished updating my Portfolio page with the new project information (check out my Portfolio page here) and I’ll also be doing a series of blog posts in the near future talking about how I developed some of the cooler features on the new Chamber site.

And finally, as today is Thanksgiving Day up here in the Great White North (which is thankfully not white quite yet), I’d like to give thanks to all of my wonderful clients. Thanks for putting your faith in me and letting me make you some cool websites.

Namaste, all!

Open for Business

Open for business.Like the proverbial ‘shoemaker’s children’, I have been a web developer without his own website for far too long. Or at least without one that was up-to-date.

Today that changes! For today I shall release this beast upon the wilds of cyberspace. Off you go, boy!

Despite the green vintage of this site and blog, I have in fact been doing this for many years. The move to a fresh domain with a fresh look is just a bit of re-branding on my part.

My web endeavours have been of a part time nature for the last couple of years as I helped a friend manage his ISP. But now I wish to work from home and hence am refocusing on web development as my primary trade.

Welcome. Please take a look around. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There will be much more coming soon.